Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Shattered Star/Runelords mash-up campaign

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In previous campaigns (1) running Rise of the Runelords, party TPK'd in Book 1 and
Sandpoint destroyed (2) Curse of the Crimson Throne completed.

I started off the campaign with the premise from SS1 Shards of Sin, the PCs are Pathfinders seeking to recover the Sihedron shards. But at the same time one of the Runelords has awoken and is growing in power per RotR. After SS1 and SS2 the PCs were sent by Sheila Heidmarch to Sandpoint
region to investigate the Skinsaw Murders.

Idea is basically to interweave the quest for the Sihedron (SS) with the rise of Karzoug
(RR). The way SS is structured, SS1-5 are necessary with SS6 optional, whereas with RR the connections are pretty loose and I can leave out material but would probably want to use RR5 & RR6
as a climax.

My reason for doing it like this was that I found Crimson Throne a bit railroady and
constraining. Using two APs lets me open things up and get more of a living world feel. Also I want to slow the pace down, especially in the mid levels (running CotCT in Pathfinder the PCs were levelling every 2 sessions, doubling in power every 4 sessions).

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