Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Progression Rate and XP

I'm running Classic, which is very similar to 2e except that the XP to level requirements top out at about half those of 1e/2e, so eg a Fighter needs 120,000 to level not 250,000 and a Wizard needs 150,000 not 300,000. The Classic Rules Cyclopedia recommends 5 sessions to level (2e I recall says 10 sessions?) which I think is a good aim point and is midway between 2e and 3e-4e-5e's indicated 2-3 sessions/level. RC suggests handing out enough gold that PCs get 20% of XP from the monsters, 80% from gold. I can't see any real reason to hand out artificially inflated amounts of gold, so instead I increase monster XP, give normal gold XP, give quest and discretionary award XP - the RC recommends these awards be 1/20 the amount needed to level, again about half the recommended amount for such awards in 3e/4e/5e.

I noticed that I could take 20-30 minutes calculating XP and it would come out within a couple hundred of what I'd have given as an arbitrary session award (eg 20,220 calculated vs 20,000 I'd have just handed out), so now sometimes I do arbitrary awards BUT I periodically do the full calculation to make sure I'm not drifting/inflating awards. I'm aiming for around 20,000-25,000 XP for a successful session, varying from maybe 8-10,000 for a light session up to around 30-35,000 for something really big. That way the PCs are leveling up about every 5-8 sessions of play currently; later as they get higher level the awards will increase somewhat and progression rate will likely increase a bit.

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