Sunday, 16 July 2017

My New Task Resolution System

Came up with this for my White Star game (OD&D in SPACE!!) after being told Level was more important than Attribute in OD&D. Also was influenced by Lindybeige's Youtube criticism of typical D&D task resolution. My system:

Character Competence = Attribute (eg STR, normally 3-18) + Level (1-10 in White Star)

Task Difficulty is rolled:
Easy - 3d6
Medium - 4d6
Hard - 5d6
Very Hard - 6d6

If Competency equals or exceeds Difficulty, the attempt is successful!

Edit: Following feedback, here is an extended table with Long Jump example. Current world record long jump  is 29'. I went with 1' = 1 point of Difficulty, so your DEX 3 Level 1 PC can jump ("step") a 4' gap. :D

Task Difficulty is rolled:
Very Easy - 2d6 - eg jump a 7' gap
Easy - 3d6 - eg jump a 10' gap
Medium - 4d6 - eg jump a 14' gap
Hard - 5d6 - eg jump a 17' gap
Very Hard - 6d6 - eg jump a 21' gap
Heroic - 7d6 - eg jump a 24' gap
Formidable - 8d6 - eg jump a 28' gap
Amazing - 9d6 - eg jump a 31' gap
King of the Impossible - 10d6 - eg jump a 35' gap

For White Star (or S&W White Box) a maxed-out PC with an 18 attribute & level 10 has a 28 on their check, same as the average result for Formidable, and on average can make a jump just under the current world record.


  1. I like it! Simple is good, most editions of D&D, everything is just too complicated, this is great!

    1. Thanks! I've been using it for a few days, working great so far! :)

    2. Some discussion here -