Friday, 16 June 2017

OD&D Quest Awards for 'Palaces & Princesses' Play

For the kind of "Palaces & Princesses" feel 2e AD&D was going for, I kinda think they would have been better off dropping monster & gold XP both and go for some kind of abstract Quest Award type XP system where you get say 1/10 of a typical level's advancement per significant achievement, or around 1/5 of a level per play session. At least as an option. They'd have needed a 9 or 10 level table of awards for achievements, much like the Monster Level I-X system, but I think it could have worked well for that edition. Something like:

Quest XP Awards per PC
Level      Major   Minor 
I                  250        50
II                500      100
III             1000      200
IV             2000      500
V              4000      800
VII           8000     1600
VIII        12000     2400
IX          16000     3200
X           20000     4000

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