Monday, 5 June 2017

Resting in 5e

Looking at pacing, I'm looking at going over to the DMG 'gritty' rest variant where a Short Rest is overnight, and a Long Rest is 1 week. Not to screw with the players  :twisted: , but to give a better cadence to the passage of time, closer to real life (and game time pass at a rate closer to real time), so that eg typically a week passes between dungeon expeditions just as a week passes between game sessions. I think with having converted most Short Rest powers to x3 per Long Rest, this still allows 'nova-ing' within a single dungeon expedition or fight.
I would also have an overnight Short Rest recover 1 hp per level, and 1 level of Exhaustion in natural healing. Also a 7 day Long Rest would now recover all hit dice, not just half-rounded-down.

It does mean that LR abilities like Rages and high level Spell slots may be more at risk of running out if used liberally, eg using Rage just to get Advantage on an Athletics check may be a bad idea. My thinking is to trial this over the next few sessions and make sure it works ok and doesn't screw over any particular PCs.

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